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How to apply:

Submission documents

The Research synopsis should have about 60.000 characters (spaces included) and should contain your documents in this order:

  • Research design (Times New Roman 12 pt. 1,5 lines)
  • Information on the status of previous preparatory work
  • List of sources and literature
  • Time plan and work plan
  • Information on any scholarships, grants, awards or funding of other sorts (sponsorship) already provided by other institutions
  • Curriculum vitae showing your personal and professional circumstances, as well as your academic degree (Ph.D.)

The name of this PDF file must consist of your surname and first name, for example: Smith_John.pdf

Completion of the project

The completion of the project should be documented by a written final report or - preferably - by a publication. In the case of one or more publications which are wholly or partly due to ESF funding, applicants are obliged to mention this funding explicitly. This should be done in the first footnote/note of the text. Applicants are requested to inform the ESF about this publication(s) and to send a link or bibliographical reference to be published on the ESF website.

Evaluation process

Each project will be evaluated by at least two members of the Scientific Advisory Board. The award and amount of the grant will be determined by the Scientific Advisory Board as a whole. All decisions are final and binding in all respects and not subject to legal recourse.